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About us

Prevention is good, but targeted prevention is even better.

Experience has shown that the best way to stay healthy is – prevention. That is why we strive daily to raise people’s awareness about how important it is to take care of their own health, and to teach them how to recognize risk factors. In addition, we aim to stress the importance of preventive care exams, particularly of those that are targeted, i.e. focused at the diseases that are the leading causes of illness and death today.

The mission of Gemmo Centaris to, via our counseling centers or personalized tests, enable every patient to become acquainted with her or his body and genetic basis in order to influence the quality of life, stamina and health more easily. Genes, via proteins, define our lives, health, youth, happiness, sadness and illness. We cannot change them, but it is possible to influence their expression by altering our lifestyle.

Personalized medicine is a new form of health care which, on the basis of the newest discoveries in molecular medicine and diagnostics, contributes to a more efficient treatment, tailored to suit each patient. Such an approach significantly increases the efficacy of diagnostic tests and treatments, and lowers the mortality rate.

The vision of Gemmo Centaris to teach all patients how to use what they inherited to the best advantage and how to promote the expression of ‘good’ genes and thus enjoy a longer life of better quality and be happier.

The working hours at Gemmo Centar are from 09.30 to 17.30, every working day.

Ivana Buzadžić, Gemmo Centar General Manager, molecular biologist and physiologist, genetics specialist