The role of pharmacogenetics in clinical practice

In the full hall of the Gemmo Center, on Monday, June 3, 2019 in cooperation with Makler company, another expert lecture was held on the topic “The role of pharmacogenetics in clinical practice”.

Ivana Buzadžić, a specialist in genetics, explained the difference between the traditional approach to treatment in which patients with a certain clinical diagnosis receive the same or similar therapy, from a personalized approach to treatment, where pharmacogenetic analysis leads to the optimal choice of therapy and its ideal dosage.

On this occasion, there was also the role of genetics in the treatment of antiaggregation drugs, and Makler’s representative presented the possibilities of the device for monitoring the effect of antiagregation therapy, Verify Now.

The present guests, doctors, predominantly in the field of cardiology and gynecology, recognized the importance of genetic analyzes in the Gemmo Center. The great importance of pharmacogenetics as a new branch of pharmacological sciences was also emphasized which studies the relationship between genetic predisposition of individuals and its ability to metabolize a particular drug.