Genetic analysis in dentistry

On Friday, November 1st, 2019, Gemmo Center, in cooperation with Swissdent, held expert lectures on the application of genetic analysis in dentistry, with a special focus on implantology.

The lecture was delivered by Prof. Zoran Aleksić, Ph.D., Full Professor, Master and Doctor of Dental Sciences, Specialist in Periodontology and Dr. med dent Nikola Bakiš. Introduced a brand new service now available in Serbia.

The importance of gene testing to determine if there are genetic traits associated with periodontal disease is of great importance. Based on the results obtained, a prevention program can be developed that significantly reduces the risk of disease and helps maintain long-term dental health.

The guests, doctors in the field of dentistry, supported the activities of the Gemmo Center in professional education as well as a personalized approach to prevention and treatment.