Lecture on diabetes in collaboration with Makler company

The Gemmo Centar continues its successful education on the importance of targeted genetic testing. A lecture on diabetes was held at the Gemmo Centar on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, in collaboration with Makler, an importer and distributor of diagnostic equipment and supplies for laboratories and transfusion services.

Ivana Buzadzic, molecular biologist and physiologist, specialist in genetics, gave a lecture on how genetic testing can detect the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and improve therapy.

Ms. Gordana Dmitrasinovic, a Makler representative, gave a presentation on monitoring HbA1c levels – the benefits of HPLC technology.

While attending a cocktail party, physicians, mostly in the field of gynecology, were able to inform themselves about the Gemmo Centar’s work, the types of analyzes, the importance of targeted preventive examinations and how each individual could learn about their genetic basis, stimulate the activation and expression of “good” genes.