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Pharmacogenetics – Gene Selection and Dosage – How to Get Full Efficiency and Avoid Side Effects

With the development of genetics and the discovery of variations in genes that affect drug metabolism, there has been a new understanding of disease and treatment, as well as a greater need for safe prescribing. Drug side effects are responsible for 5 - 7% of hospitalizations in the US and Europe each year, as well as the withdrawal of 4% of new medicines from the market. According to some estimates, 7% of hospital patients develop severe drug side effects and...


March 8th in Gemmo center

On the occasion of International Women's Day March 8, Gemmo Centar, from March 9 to March 13, 2020, donates 20% off on nutrigenetics, telomeres, pharmacogenetics and women's 40+ packages. Through nutritional analysis you can find out how to achieve optimal weight by diet and physical activity that would give the best results and reduce the risk of developing the disease. With telomere analysis you can find out all about the secrets of prolonged youth. By activating telomerase, an enzyme important...