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What is Collagen? Which Collagen is best? Why do we react differently to collagen administration?

Collagen is one of the most useful proteins in the human body, accounting for 30% of total protein and a major component of skin, bone and connective tissue. Connective tissue is one of the basic tissues and together with cartilage and bone tissue makes supporting tissue spread throughout the body. Collagen contains 19 different amino acids, which is why it is often called a complex protein. Collagen amino acids are a mixture of non-essential and essential types of amino acids....


Nutrigenetics and impact on chronic diseases

Nutrigenotechnical analysis has a positive effect on improving symptoms in a patient suffering from chronic diseases. Studies have confirmed that, on average, 73.4% of patients have achieved a significant improvement in their health status by changing their diet and adhering to the instructions given by a non-geneticist and a nutritionist. Not a single day goes by without hurting us. Everything is fine if it is a short-term pain that we most often forget about. However, the problem begins when symptoms...