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Eterna Medical System is a polyclinic for the fields of aesthetic and regenerative medicine, general and internal medicine, cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, and dermatology. Our team, led by Dr. Tanja Radenkov, is comprised of doctors with many years of professional experience,

Polyclinic Eterna Medical System is the first center for the education of doctors and dentists in the field of aesthetic medicine, accredited by the Health Council of Serbia.

Commitment to work, respecting the ethical codes of the profession and full commitment to the patient, are the principles we are guiding.



By following new medical achievements, our expert medical team provides patients with timely and quality health care.

Respecting the principles of medical ethics, appreciating the medical needs of patients for whom the medical call exists to the best of their ability, we help all those who need advice or help from doctors.

In functional and organizational terms, the Polyclinic consists of:

  • Cabinet for Radiology (ultrasound, X-ray, mammography, and osteodenzymeter),
  • Cabinet for Internal medicine (internist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, rheumatologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist),
  • Cabinet for surgery (surgeon, urologist, and orthopedist),
  • Cabinet for Physical Medicine and
  • Cabinet for general, preventive and family medicine (general medicine, patronage, transport).

In the small surgery room, we perform smaller surgeries.


Special Hospital for Dermatovenerology IOANNA MediGroup is the leader in the region in the field of non-operative aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

In IOANNA special hospital, part of the largest medical system of MediGroup, thanks to the team of top experts from Serbia and abroad led by prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou:  Medical Aesthetic Physician, Anti-aging and quantum medicine Physician,  Physical medicine and rehabilitation Physician and homeopaths, acupuncturists, dermatologists, nutritionists, phytotherapists, endocrinologists … we nourish the unique, integrative and revolutionary principle of medicine of the new era- combining aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Applying procedures to the highest standards of medical practice, cutting-edge appliances and individual approach to each patient we work on disease prevention and slowing down the process of biological aging of the organism, which improves the overall psycho-physical condition of the clients.

Special Hospital IOANNA MediGroup is the only hospital in the region that provides unique holistic service in the domain of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. By offering our clients the opportunity of prevention, consultations and continuous care, we prevent the fatal consequences for health and we are able to bring the external appearance of our clients to perfection.

You do not have to go to the world’s best anti-aging and aesthetic physicians abroad any more, we “bring the world to you” by hosting eminent medical medicine experts of the future at our clinic.

The special hospital of IOANNA MediGroup is an ideal place for those who want for themselves and their loved ones the long, healthy, quality life but also youthful, well-groomed and beautiful appearance.

Take care of your body, because it is your temple and the only place in which you will live your entire life.
We are here to help you to discover how to be healthier, more beautiful and happier.

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Since 2002 we care about your health, beauty and appearance …

Center for aesthetics SENSE is located in the urban part of Podgorica and represents a new experience for everyone.

For all those who seek health and beauty improvement, our expert team consisting of pharmacists, cosmeticians, aesthetics, physical medicine therapists and anti aging consultants will make your free time and quality of life better.

We are proud that our center can provide everything a modern person – care, knowledge, experience, peace and relaxation.

How to get care for your needs today, at a time of fast life and high aesthetic standards?

The basis of success in our work is the individualization of the protocol and the combination of procedures, which we define after a detailed insight into the current state of skin and knowledge of your life habits.

After your first visit, you will feel that someone is sincerely concerned about you, your joy, beauty, and health.

Our mission is to educate our clients, recommend proper care and awaken love for ourselves and our own body.


Medical Center Budva, a private health institution located in Budva (Becici), is one of the few institutions in Montenegro that deals with the provision of a wide range of services both medical and laboratory, as well as aesthetic and physiotherapy. By opening Medical Center Dr. Vanja Banicevic, a specialist in dermatovenerology, has made Montenegro a modern dermatological-aesthetic center, recognized by clients as a medical center where they can get timely, high-quality and professional help and information from a professional team.

The Center’s activities include treatment and treatments in the field of dermatology, treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, nutrition and cosmetology. The center is equipped with the most efficient laser apparatus. Polyclinic provides medical services in the field of internal medicine, pediatrics, general medicine, radiology and physical medicine.


Poliklinika Human was founded in 2007 in Nis. Today, it is a leading specialized medical institution for complete biochemical, microbiological and pathohistological laboratory diagnostics, general practice and internal medicine. Accredited to the standard ISO 15189. Poliklinika Human uses medical and laboratory equipment of renowned world manufacturers, which allows high precision and accuracy in operation, as well as the correctness of the obtained results. In 2016, the Poliklinika Humano, the daughter company of the Poliklinika Human, was founded, bringing together a team of top physicians specializing in urology, radiology and surgery. In addition to two polyclinics in Niš, Human also has three biochemical laboratories in Vranje, Aleksinac and Prokuplje.

Human Clinic, Friend of Your Health!