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DNA THE KEY TO THE FIGHT AGAINST KILOGRAMS, Magazine Magično bilje no. 168

Interview with Dr. Ivana Buzadzic, Director of the Gemmo Center, genetics gpecialist for the Magizine Magično bilje, July 10 2019, Issue 168 "Our genes, like instruments in an orchestra, help to produce a unique melody of life. Each of us is invited to take the conductor baton and determine for himself how magical this symphony will be - explains Dr. Buzadzic, a specialist in genetics in a colorful way. Does this mean that we can modify the genetic record and,...



Summer is in full swing and the perfect time to do some things for ourselves and our health. For this reason, the Gemmo Center wants to encourage you to take preventative examinations and genetic analyzes to improve your quality of life. Until 19thAugust 2019 we offer you a 20% discount on nutrigenetics and telomere analyzes. Through nutritional analysis, through your genetic profile, you can find out how to achieve optimal weight by diet and physical activity, which would give the...