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Telomer analysis

Telomer analysis – can we slow down aging?

Aging, as an irresistible physiological process, is the subject of ongoing research and interest. The discovery rewarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 2009 revealed the root of the cause of aging.

Telomere are specific structures in the form of nodes at the ends of the chromosomes that protect our genetic material. They are shortened for each cell division and as a clock within our cells show their age and function. The internal age of the organism (the biological age of cells) does not have to match your age. It can be significantly below or above your age.

By analyzing your telomer you can find out your “inner age”. People with longer telomeres live longer and healthier, that is, age-related diseases are absent or occur much later in life. On the shortening of telomeres, genetic inheritance is influenced by external factors, diet, physical activity, stress.

With adequate nutrition and supplementation, we can activate telomerase, a specific enzyme produced by a functional cell, which can slow down or stop the telomeric shortening, and even affect their prolongation.