Pro femmina 2019 and Gemmo center

Mrs Ivana Buzadžić, a genetic specialist, held a lecture on “Personalized Medicine – Medicine of the Future” in the “Pro-Femina” program 2019 at Hyatt Hotel providing interesting answers and useful information on prevention and treatment through DNA analysis. The guests reminded that health care is one of the main priorities of each of us.

The participants had the opportunity to hear about how through genetic analyzes they can find out what their diet suits, what is the individualization of the therapy according to the pharmacogenetic profile, what are the telomeres and how can they be activated to slow aging.

In her presentation, Mrs Buzadžić presented the vision of the Gemmo Center, which refers to how to use our “heritage” in the best possible way, how to encourage the manifestation of “good” genes and achieve a longer, better quality and happier life.